My artistic vision has consistently led me to experiment with combinations of patterns, colors, textures, and images. I have engaged in several discrete research ventures, but most of the time the new investigations arise out of the questions formed in current work. Below are some of the projects I have undertaken. The visual results are primarily contained in the artwork you will find in that section of this site.

Project 1Weaving/Surface Interaction (1997)

Project 2: Textile Museum Project: Digital Printing on a Large Scale (2000-2002)

Project 3: Combining Digital and Hand Surface Design Technologies on Fabric (2005-06)

Project 4: A Common Fold was a five-year collaborative project on folding in various natural and synthetic materials, carried out by a team of engineers, mathematicians, artists, and designers, and supported by a generous grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The main link below will take you to the reflections of the team members on the joint project–and a podcast that my research assistant, Sally Van Gorder and I prepared to describe the project from the art/design/textile material point of view.  You are invited to view, search, and be inspired by the samples and experiments conducted by my textiles research team on the project, accessible at:

Project 4: A The Common Fold (2012-2017)