Artist’s Statement

Making a textile is a kind of magic.

I make textiles because I love the rhythm of repetition and pattern, complex color contrasts, textured relief surfaces, and the feel of the materials moving in my hand. I savor the slow meditation of making and the touch of simple natural materials. I search for an enduring aesthetic, preferring images and concepts that transcend the personal to touch universal human themes. Fabric work has become as natural for me as breathing, and its expressions a “language” often more eloquent than speech.

I am inspired by my personal experiences of natural phenomena, travel, reading, and looking. I develop my ideas through drawing and sampling, then realize them through dyeing, printing, piecing, weaving, constructing, and stitching on complex fabric surfaces. Over time, my voice has evolved from exuberant and celebratory to more quiet, reflective, and poetic.

With this new series of work “Lost Language” I am exploring the complicated connections that I find among scripts of lost languages, ancient universal symbols, palimpsests, human miscommunications, the odd and conflicting voices of human dementia, and books as cultural objects of communication. These are mysteriously entwined—text, texture, and textile—marks and stories. I interpret them through the stitched marks of my hand.